In 1832, Norwegian entrepreneur Hans Skikkelstad began producing nails of various sizes in Gjøvik, Norway. When his son-in-law took over the company, the name O. Mustad & Son was born. 

Over the next century, O. Mustad & Son produced a wide selection of goods, from coffee to stoves to fish hooks. With the revolutionary machine invented by Mathias Topp, Mustad began mass-producing high quality fish hooks. The quality and pioneer spirit of the company soon made Mustad the biggest fishing hooks producer in the world, representing 50% of global production in the 1950’s. 

Over the years Mustad has expanded to satisfy every need of the modern fisherman and -woman. Times change, but our own history teaches us that new innovation and some good old Norwegian stubbornness is the best recipe for quality.

Today, O. Mustad & Son brands offer sport and industrial fishing products worldwide.