Don't just say who you are – show it

"OMSAS’ vision is being the most successful company in the fishing gear business. We achieve our vision by living our values focusing on pioneering, passion, excellence and sustainability while also taking care of our people and our communities. OMSAS business conduct, operations and processes shall always reflect trust and the highest integrity. The fishing gear industry is directly linked to the welfare of our planet’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. As fishermen and general admirers of the natural world, we want to be a part of solving the environmental challenges of the planet rather than contributing to them.


As one of the leading companies within the fishing gear business we have decided to measure our progress towards becoming more sustainable by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Trust is the fundamental principle that never changes no matter where we are in the world. We achieve trust by acting with integrity, honesty and transparency. We face different laws and regulations, and we meet different cultures and people. The expectations for us change when the context changes, but our integrity and ethical principles must never be compromised. If we are asked to compromise our integrity, we shall refrain from doing business. I strongly believe and expect that business in OMSAS shall be conducted fairly, ethically and openly. OMSAS global operations requires a clear and well-implemented corporate governance system, which serves as an important platform for the group.


These Conduct Principles are our main governance document and aim to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to be a professional, respected and sustainable business and societal actor. The principles herein describe our ethical standards and expectations, and shall guide the behaviour of our employees, our companies and our partners. Each and every one of us is responsible for reading and familiarizing ourselves with these Principles. We are all responsible for making OMSAS a trusted company, and our Conduct Principles must always be reflected in the way we behave and the way we do business."