Partnership Unites Global Hook Leader with Innovative Lure Manufacturer

Gjøvik, Norway (October 20, 2021) – O Mustad & Son announced today that the Norwegian company has acquired LIVETARGET (, a Canada-based recreational fishing lure company forged with a unique brand identity as a premium lure manufacturer, designing products with proven profiles and biomimetic color patterns. As an important player in the North American sports fishing bait market, LIVETARGET premium quality lures and strong brand represents a valuable acquisition for Mustad.

“LIVETARGET is an exciting addition to the Mustad brand portfolio,” remarked Kenni Riise, CEO of O. Mustad & Son. “Mustad’s and LIVETARGET’s core values of innovation and top-notch customer experience are perfectly aligned, making this acquisition a true catch for Mustad,” added Riise. “Mustad and TUF-Line welcome the fitting next addition to the group.”

This strategic partnership, following the acquisition of TUF-Line in 2019, takes O Mustad & Son yet another step forward as a global complete sport fishing product provider. While overseen by Mustad, LIVETARGET’s ongoing development of premium freshwater and saltwater lures will continue under LIVETARGET co-founders Grant Koppers and Vic Cook, whose direction will preserve the brand DNA.

“Partnering with Mustad to develop new LIVETARGET products, while accelerating growth of the entire product line, is a thrilling opportunity,” stated Koppers. “With this new union, anglers will find outstanding hooks, lures, and lines all in one place. Mustad’s deep history and industry-leading products complement the commitment and pure passion for fishing found in LIVETARGET lures.”

LIVETARGET prides itself in producing an extensive offering of hardbaits, softbaits, hollow bodies, wireframes, swimbaits and spoons – all with thorough anatomical detail and realistic actions. Ten ICAST ‘Best of Category’ awards over the course of ten years support claims that the LIVETARGET product development team are at the top of their game.

“I can’t say enough about how excited we are about this partnership,” noted Cook. “We had other partner opportunities for LIVETARGET, but we chose to unite with Mustad because of the obvious synergy. Partnering with a hook manufacturer allows LIVETARGET to take our products to the next level with fully custom hooks, delivering uncompromising Match-the-Hatch® appearance and action.”

“Mustad’s and LIVETARGET’s core values of innovation, dedication to quality, and top-notch customer experience are perfectly aligned, making this acquisition a true catch for Mustad,” added Riise. “Mustad and TUF-Line welcome the fitting next addition to the group: LIVETARGET.” ABOUT MUSTAD Founded in 1832, Mustad has been in operation in Gjøvik, Norway continuously for 190 years. Sold in over 160 countries, Mustad hooks are regarded for strength, sharpness, and quality since hook production began in 1877. Starting with the wire drawn in Gjøvik, Mustad is the only company in the world that controls all phases of fish hook production from wire to finish. In addition to hooks, Mustad offers a growing selection of sports fishing goods. Mustad brands also include TUF-LINE and recently acquired LIVETARGET. TUF-LINE represents American-made premium braided fishing lines and fluorocarbon produced with technologies used in space. Joining the family in 2021, LIVETARGET has grown into a full family of life-like fishing lures that Match-the-Hatch® to specific game fish forage, with an expansive library of lure styles and colors for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Mustad Contact Kenni Riise +47 948 86 922 LIVETARGET Contact Vic Cook +1 614 893 3923